Machine design

We are experts at automation, we have a non-traditional view on things. Together with the customer´s know-how, we are able to offer a brilliant solution.

For the creation of a 3D model, we use:

  • Graphic program Solid Edge with the library of TDS – Technik parts.
  • Calculation module Femap.
  • FluidDraw from company Festo.

Femap allows us to check designed parts from the viewpoint of the course of tension, deformation and required safety through the Finite Element Method. It provides continuous optimization of necessary changes and recognizes in detail the conduct of designed structure already during development.

2D, 3D presentations are used to present the model. At the request of the customer, we prepare animation and rendering which realistically shows the machine and its placing on the manufacturing premises of the customer.

When presenting, the customer already has a real picture of possibilities of the manufactured automatic equipment and its economical demands.